The MK7.5 Saga: First Mods

Well that didn't take long. The car arrived and the next day we were already installing parts on it. I don't like keeping a vehicle stock for long. Stock is boring.

First, we had to make it official by throwing on a BMP Tuning banner.

Next up it was time to tackle some performance upgrades. I chose these 3 upgrades because it made sense to tackle all of them at the same time. The first performance mod we installed was the Integrated Engineering V2 Air Intake. 

After the intake was installed, we moved on to install a turbo muffler delete from CTS Turbo. This is a little more difficult installation due to the location of the turbo, but Robie "Sweets" Goranson managed to knock it out without any issues. 

NOTE: Let your car cool down properly before doing these installs. The biggest issue we had was burning ourselves on the engine.

Once the turbo muffler delete was completed, we finished it off by connecting the air intake to the turbo with a turbo inlet pipe from Integrated Engineering. Everything looked clean under the hood after installation.

After test driving it, I can say the car is more responsive. Also, if you love turbo noises, they are a lot louder while driving. I don't know about you, but it puts a smile on my face. Below is a video of the finished project and trying to capture the new noises.


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