The MK7.5 Saga: Stage 1 Tuning

Well, that escalated quickly. On Day 3 of ownership we loaded a Stage 1 Tune from Integrated Engineering. Since I have a 6-speed and not a DSG, we loaded the low torque Stage 1 93 octane tune since I haven't upgraded my clutch at this time. 

This blog is going to be short since there isn't a lot to discuss. The software loaded smoothly into the car in about 15 minutes. Once the tune was loaded, we went for a test drive. I was pleasantly surprised with the improvement. The GTI is way more responsive and faster than I expected it to be after a software tune. 

After driving the car for a couple of weeks and cycling a few tanks of 93 through it, this has been my favorite mod so far. It makes a fun car even more fun and it can't be beat for the price.

So what are my performance goals? For now I'm staying at Stage 1. Eventually the plan is to upgrade the clutch, add a downpipe and exhaust, drop in an IS38 and go Stage 2 + IS38.



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Zeb Campbell

Zeb Campbell

Hi Sean! Sorry it took so long to see your comment. I have not done a dyno yet with the car. I doubt I get the chance to since next week we are adding an IS38 turbo, downpipe, and upgrading the tune to Stage 2+ IS38. However, IE’s dyno for Stage 1 93 octane is 310HP/389TQ.

Sean Brewer

Sean Brewer

have you dyno’d the car since the tune? i have a 6 speed mk7 GLI 35th and am looking at the same tune.

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