The MK7.5 Saga: Introduction

Hello. Allow me to give a quick introduction. I am the Web Team Manager here at BMP Tuning and have been here since the start of April. I have been a car enthusiast all of my life and I have been customizing cars since the 90's. Yeah, I'm old. I have had lots of different cars and trucks over the years and have built all types of different builds. Here are some of my past builds.

MK6 Jetta TDI:

10th Gen Accord, the Aircord:

5th Gen 4Runner TRD Off-Road:

When I started at BMP Tuning I was building the 4Runner. The 14 MPG of the 4Runner wasn't great and there were some other personal factors that made me decide to get rid of it. I wanted something with better MPG, but was still fun to drive. I have always wanted either a GTI or R, so I began looking and found one local.

It's a 2019 MK7.5 GTI S with 6-speed in White Silver with 20k miles on it. I test drove it, signed the paperwork and they delivered it the next day to BMP Tuning.


This is the 3rd Volkswagen I've owned. In addition to the MK6 Jetta TDI, I have also owned a 5NA Tiguan. I've always loved VWs and Euro cars, so I can't wait to get back to going to shows and meets and getting to see all the cool builds out there and meet other owners. I will be chronicling the build from start to finish on this blog and will gladly answer any questions anyone has.


Instagram: jewel.rnr 


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Blair Smith

Blair Smith

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