The MK7.5 Saga: New Wheels

Now that the car is lowered, it's time to begin looking for new wheels. When I began my search, I knew I wanted 19" wheels and something lighter. So immediately Rotiform was out of the picture. Which is fine because I don't really care for their wheel lineup. I began looking at Konig, Motegi, and Enkei for lightweight wheels. I didn't really care for their selections either. I started looking at other brands and I finally found the wheels I wanted.

I ordered a set of HRE FF11 in the Liquid Metal colorway. The wheels are 19x8.5 ET47. I had Accelera tires that the dealer had installed on the factory 18" wheels and they were decent for a cheap tire. I knew there was going to be a lot of rubbing on the tires while I tweak the suspension over the next couple of months, so I wrapped them in a cheap set of Acceleras to avoid damaging more expensive tires.

The wheels and tires showed up, but the center caps were delayed by a week. We went ahead and installed them so we could get some photos.


Eventually the center caps showed up and it completed the look of the wheels.

I was correct in my assumption. The tires do rub. We did the fender screw mod which fixed a lot of it, but I still need to make some adjustments on the coilovers. I might need to add camber plates, but that is something I will document in a later blog post.


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