The MK7.5 Saga: Lighting

One of the first things I noticed while driving the GTI at night was just how badly the halogen headlights suck. The lighting was not good at all and the halogens look out of place on the MK7.5. Luckily BMP Tuning has the Illuminator headlights and I was able to get mine during a restock. I went with the red line headlights to match my grill. I cannot express how much these changed the front of the car.

The headlights have LED projectors for the low beams and 6500K H7 high beam projector. The lights have LED sequential turn signals and are completely plug and play for cars without the factory lighting package. As a bonus, the headlights come ceramic coated.

Driving at night is completely different with these lights. The cutoff beams are crisp and everything is evenly lit. I had to make a couple of small adjustments to the vertical alignment, but that was a simple 5 minute fix with a socket. Video of the lights is below.


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