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  • MK7 GTI 2.0T I4 [MQB] FWD


Although MOST parts DO FIT FACELIFT MODELS such as the MK7.5, C7.5 and B8.5, some components such as exhaust systems and headlights are NOT ALWAYS perfectly upward compatible and vice versa due to minor changes in body design such as fenders, bumper and valences.

Please contact us via chat, phone or eMail if you are uncertain about product fitment on your facelift model.

Wavetrac LSD 6-Speed 02Q FWD

BRAND: Wavetrac

P/N: 10.309.175WK We Price Match!

  • $1,025.00
  • $70 OFF

Wavetrac differentials help put the power to the ground, where it's needed.  A standard differential design will typically transmit 100% of the torque through to just one wheel, only utilizing half of the tire traction available for acceleration.  This amount of traction can easily be overwhelmed by the available power in modern cars.  There are a few different designs of differentials available, however, the Wavetrac differential is the only one which will send power to the opposite wheel if one side experiences no grip due to the wheel lifting (as in aggressive cornering) or during zero load conditions (such as ice or similar low traction surfaces).  A wavetrac differential responds to these circumstances and transmits power to the wheel which has traction.

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