Racingline Magnetic Drain Fill Plug For Haldex (Gen 5) Audi · VW AWD

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Product Questions & Answers

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Catch any ferrous particles in your oil with RacingLines Magnetic Haldex Plug set to protect your AWD system.  If you drive one of the smaller all wheel drive VWG models, it will use the Haldex system.  Its a clever coupling system that allows the rear drive to be brought in only as it is needed when front wheels loose traction.

The Haldex oil is very specific and promotes friction between the faces of the multi-plate clutch setup.  Inevitably, this wear between the plates causes minute particles to slowly build up as a sludge within the oil.  This sludge builds up around the pumps oil strainer, which gradually stops the Haldex system from working properly.  Many owners have experienced their AWD car slowly becoming FWD as this filter blocks up.

Our new RacingLine Magnetic Haldex Plug attracts and separates out these minute abrasive and ferrous metal particles, stopping them circulating around the Haldexs lubrication systems and reducing the sludge that blocks the filter.  Install couldnt be simpler“ choose our Magnetic Haldex Plug Kit for your next service.  Screw in the two new plugs, and youre protected.


  • Prevents metallic particles from entering oil
  • Reduces sludge build up on oil strainer
  • Allows Haldex system to function properly
  • Black finish with Racingline logo print

What's Included:

  • Non-Magnetic Haldex Oil Refill Plug
  • Magnetic Haldex Oil Drain Plug
  • 10 x Washers (Enough for 5 Haldex Services)

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
5NA Tiguan 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8J TT RS 2.5T I5
8J TTS 2.0T I4
8S TT 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8S TT RS 2.5T I5 [MQB]
8S TTS 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8V RS3 2.5T I5 [MQB]
8V S3 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK1 Arteon 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK5 R32 3.2L VR6
MK6 R 2.0T I4
MK7 R 2.0T I4 [MQB]

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