Racingline Billet Underbody Tunnel Braces MK7 · MK8 · 5NA · Arteon · 8V · 8S

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Select Brace(s): Center Brace (FWD Only)

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Product Questions & Answers

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Want to sharpen up your MQB handling responses?  MQB Billet Underbody Tunnel Braces mount under the body to help fight body flex.  This improves rigidity to help refine the handling, whilst also providing valuable extra clearance for larger diameter exhaust system.

MQB cars rely on thin stamped-steel OE tunnel braces underneath in an attempt to reinforce the body’s weaker points and limit chassis flex under demanding loads.  Our new Billet Underbody Braces replace these weak braces with intricately machined aluminum replacements, greatly improving stiffness, giving much better exhaust clearance and even look great!

For large diameter aftermarket exhausts, there simply isn’t clearance space above the factory tunnel brace.  Many owners have no choice but to remove the brace, but the brace is there for a reason.  With the extra clearance our Rear Tunnel Brace gives, you can now maintain strength and fit your bigger exhaust.


  • 6061-T6 CNC Machine Aluminum construction
  • Replaces OEM 3" Diameter Exhaust
  • Improves dynamic performance without any excess noise, vibration or harshness
  • Simple installation using existing body mounting points
  • Braces for Center and Rear Tunnel brace; FWD can fit both while AWD only fits Rear

What's Included:

  • Racingline Billet Underbody Tunnel Braces

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
5NA Tiguan 2.0T I4 [MQB] +
8S TT 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8S TT RS 2.5T I5 [MQB]
8S TTS 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8V A3 1.8T I4 [MQB]
8V A3 2.0L TDI I4 [MQB]
8V A3 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8V RS3 2.5T I5 [MQB]
8V S3 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK1 Arteon 2.0T I4 [MQB] +
MK7 Golf 1.4T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf 1.8T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf 2.0L TDI I4 [MQB] +
MK7 Golf Alltrack 1.8T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf Sportwagen 1.4T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf Sportwagen 1.8T I4 [MQB] +
MK7 Golf Sportwagen 2.0L TDI I4 [MQB] +
MK7 GTI 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK7 R 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK8 GTI 2.0T I4 [MQB Evo]
MK8 R 2.0T I4 [MQB Evo]

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