Integrated Engineering Supercharger Dual Pulley Power Kit B8 S4 S5 3.0L SC V6

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Turn your sporty Audi S4 or S5 into an all-out street monster with IE's complete Dual Pulley kit.  Get the most out of your 3.0T supercharged engine delivering a massive jump in power up to 534bhp & 520btq! This kit includes all matching hardware and ECU software tune needed to transform your Audi S4 or S5 into a true performance machine.

This Audi S4 & S5 Power Kit offers a complete all-inclusive power upgrade by combining IE's top of the line performance hardware with the matching IE motorsport-inspired software tunes.  You will enjoy track-ready performance while retaining factory comfort and reliability.  At the core of this kit is the IE Powerlink cable, providing an easy interface to upload your new tune(s) and maximize the performance of your 3.0T engine.  To take full advantage of the supercharger, boost is increased with a smaller diameter supercharger pulley and larger diameter crank pulley.  These modifications combine and release the true monster hidden in your bay. 

IE's Double Pulley Tune is Available in 91, 93, 100, and 104 octanes along with a specialty E40 (pump plus E85 mixed) blend.  A heat exchanger is required for this modification.  If you intend to use the E40 blend, a high-pressure fuel pump upgrade is also required.

The IE Stage 2 Dual Pulley Tune offers you tons of power potential on multiple octanes options including support for E40.  The S4 B8/B8.5 factory fuel system cannot safely support the amount of fuel needed for full E85 even with an HPFP upgrade, however, it can support a maximum blend of ethanol to E40. E40 is an ethanol mix of E85 with regular pump 91/93 fuel (about 2/5ths E85 and 3/5ths 91/93 with E10 premium gas).  To run this fuel safely, it must be pre-mixed and verified before filling into an empty tank.

The Audi 3.0T engine continues to make power beyond the factory rev limiter, especially when pullies are added.  Our tune files allow the engine to access all of that power by increasing the rev limiter.

  • Stage 1 RPM limit: 7200 RPM*
  • Stage 2 single & dual pulley limit: 7350 RPM*

Required for vehicle's equipped with DSG, a great deal of sportiness is added to the tune while maintaining factory smoothness and driveability.  More aggressive launches and faster shifts are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Also, expect acceleration and 0-60 times to improve dramatically from a larger useable powerband provided by the higher shift points.  The purchase of an IE DSG file grants you access to customization of launch points.  With several launch points to choose from you can pick what works best for your setup!

Available Launch Control RPMs:

  • 3400 RPM
  • 3600 RPM
  • 3800 RPM
  • 4000 RPM

The pulley functions by increasing the supercharger RPM throughout the full powerband.  At redline supercharger speed is increased by 1800 RPM.  The IE pulley is 57.50mm in diameter, making it one of most aggressive and powerful on the market.

The IE Overdrive Crank Pulley Upgrade is designed to work in-hand with the IE Overdrive Superchager Pulley Upgrade Kit.  When installed together the charger speed will increase by 26% resulting in higher boost levels and more power.  Also required for proper operation is a stage 3 tune and intercooler upgrade.  Healthy power gains will be realized from running a dual pulley setup, however, gains will vary depending on the ECU tune used.  This pulley also removes all supercharger torque from the OEM Damper unit, greatly decreasing the chances of damper failure.


  • Discounted double pulley kit - Buy together and save
  • Massive power and torque gains - Maximize your 3.0T output
  • Install & tune from home - Gain 200+ horsepower in your driveway
  • Includes IE engine tunes - Complements IE's solid hardware
  • Available for DSG or manual trans - Both transmission types
  • Includes IE Performance pulleys - Supercharger & crank pulley
  • Go straight to dual pulley power - Get the fast stuff
  • Required Hardware:
    • Heat exchanger upgrade required for Stage 2 Dual Pulley
    • High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade required for E40 (E85 and 91/93 octane blend) use

What's Included:

  • Integrated Engineering Supercharger Dual Pulley Power Kit

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
B8 S4 3.0L SC V6
B8 S5 3.0L SC V6

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