Integrated Engineering Intake 2.5L

Integrated Engineering Intake 2.5L


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Integrated Engineering

  • $299.99

Feed your 2.5L 5 cylinder engine with a supply of cold air with this direct-fit cold air intake kit.  This intake features a generously-sized inlet hose that connects to the OE mass air flow (MAF) sensor.  Our high-flow ram air filter is neatly housed within a heat shield, which separates the air filter from hot under-hood air, allowing only cold air to be drawn in to the turbo inlet directly from the front of the car.

This air intake kit provides all the necessary hardware, adapters and couplers to plumb the intake system from the intake manifold to the MAF and then to the air filter.  The heat shield installs securely for reliable mounting with no rubbing or interference with other factory parts.   Our specially molded silicone intake hose features machined adapters for the OE emissions systems, so nothing is left unplumbed.

The IE heat shield is designed to create a thermal barrier blocking all of the radiant heat from the engine bay.  Only cold air from the front of the vehicle is drawn into the filter from the opening in the radiator support keeping air intake temperatures as cold as possible.  This allows factory placement of the intake to be used without placing the filter lower in the vehicle where it can be subjected to engine harming road debris or fluid.


  • Increased horsepower & torque
  • Enhanced engine & throttle sound
  • High-flow ram air filter
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Maintains all OE emissions systems
  • Easy install with no modifications
  • Includes all install parts & hardware
  • Heat shielding & directed air flow
  • Reinforced silicone inlet hose
  • Fits automatic and manual transmissions

What's Included:

  • Integreated Engineering Intake
1B Jetta 2.5L I5 FWD
1K Jetta 2.5L I5 FWD
B7 Passat 2.5L I5 FWD
MK5 Rabbit 2.5L I5 FWD
MK6 Golf 2.5L I5 FWD

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