Integrated Engineering ECU Performance Tune MK7 GTI · GLI · 8V A3

Integrated Engineering ECU Performance Tune MK7 GTI · GLI · 8V A3


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Integrated Engineering

  • $549.00

Adding an IE Performance ECU Tune to your MK7 GTI / GLI / 8V A3 packs a serious punch both in performance gains and in additional features resulting in extremely competitive power that will give you the edge on the street or track.  IE’s in-house calibration engineers have taken several steps to ensure you a smooth and safe operation by maintaining factory safety limits, or “fail safes”, resulting in reliability.  As a final step, the software has been calibrated in test environments that ensure smooth operation in all types of climates and elevations.

Stage 1 is precisely calibrated to make the most of your stock hardware MK7 GTI / GLI / 8V A3.  Power gains are delivered smoothly across the entire powerband and many performance features have been added.  Enthusiasts will have the choice between 91 & 93 fuel octanes and the ability to flash back to stock within minutes.  As another added benefit, your IE Stage 1 Tune has been designed to adapt to minor bolt-on modifications, such as an intercooler or intake.  Low torque and high torque files are available.

Ready to release every last ounce of power from your stock turbo 2.0T engine?  The Stage 2 ECU tune takes full advantage of performance bolt-ons including downpipe, intake, and intercooler.  You can install this setup in a single weekend and transform your MK7 GTI / GLI / 8V A3 into a true monster with 327HP and 399TQ!  Easily switch between free octane tunes whenever you want to add more power with your choice of 91, 93, or 104 octane files.  Load Stage 2 and get ready to experience the true power monster that has been hiding under the hood of your VW MK7 Golf R.


  • Max output: 327HP & 399LB/FT TQ
  • Stage 1 for completely stock car (also works with intake & intercooler)
  • Stage 2 for matching intake, downpipe, intercooler, and trans tune
  • Stage 1 low-torque file for stock tuned DSG or stock clutch
  • Horsepower & torque gains maximized on stock engine & turbo
  • Switch between 91 & 93 octanes at no extra cost
  • Stock boost control entirely reworked for smoother driving
  • Rev limiter increased to 7000 RPM in manual mode or with DSG flash
  • Tune your car at home in minutes with no special tools
  • Launch control boost pressure increased for faster launch (DSG)
  • Increased rev limiters (transmission stock shift points remain)
  • Top speed limit removed
  • All engine safety protocols remain for reliability and long engine life
  • POWERlink allows file and octane switching in less than 2 minutes
  • Engineered for all climates and elevations
  • Simple data logging for diagnosis purposes
  • Flash back to stock at any time

What's Included:

  • Integrated Engineering ECU Performance Tune
  • IE PowerLINK V3 Flash Cable (OPTIONAL)
8V A3 2.0T I4 [MQB] AWD

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