Injen SES Turbo Inlet Pipe MK7 · 8V · S3 · 8S TT · TTS · 5NA Tiguan 1.8T · 2.0T

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Product Questions & Answers

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Injen Technology is proud to bring you our Turbo Inlet Pipe for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles equipped with the Gen 3 1.8L / 2.0L Turbo engines and the Volkswagen MK7 and Audi 8V applications.  The wide array of vehicle fitments is impressive for this one part, so please check and confirm fitment before ordering.  In our constant search for power gains, we have discovered a trend in modern automotive design: sacrificing raw performance for quiet operation.  As enthusiasts ourselves, we want to hear every power generating mechanism working to its fullest, from the intake tract to exhaust.

While developing our industry leading intake kits for this generation of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, we found that the factory turbo inlet pipe is purposefully restrictive to create a quieter cabin environment.  While that may be well and good for most, as enthusiasts, we knew there had to be a way to minimize that restriction and allow the maximum amount of air into the turbo.  Our highly skilled Research and Development team got straight to work and came back with this seemingly simple solution.

The SES3078TIP has a larger internal diameter to give your turbo free access to as much air as it can ever need.  It is also designed with smooth airways to minimize turbulence and keep drag from fighting against your turbo’s compressor.  This simple change alone also increased the sound output of the turbo, giving you both tangible and audible performance gains.  On our quest to make this part as durable as humanly possible, we have integrated the PCV Inlet as well as the mounting arm into the Unibody Cast Aluminum housing.

In typical Injen fashion, we provide only the best hardware with our performance componentry.  From our Two-Ply Automotive Grade Silicon Couplers to our Stainless-Steel Band Clamps with an Inner Protective Liner, all included hardware is designed to resist the heat, pressure, fuel, and oil to last for years to come.  In the event that something does happen down the line, we have you covered by the unmatched Injen Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Dyno Proven Gains of up to 14 hp and 11 lb-ft. of torque
  • Cast Aluminum Housing offers far superior durability over OEM plastic component
  • Provides faster turbo spool, increased responsiveness, and greater turbo sound output
  • Precision CNC Machined Fittings for a superior seal and simple installation
  • Fully integrated CNC Machined PCV Inlet provides an OE fitment and seal
  • 3” Inlet ID minimizes turbulence and allows the maximum amount of air to reach the turbo
  • 3” Reinforced Silicon Automotive Grade Coupler included for increased longevity
  • Stainless Steel Band Clamps with Inner Protective Liner
  • Fully integrated Mounting Bracket minimizes the chance of mounting hardware loosening over time
  • Fits directly in place of the OEM component, maximizing compatibility with other OEM and aftermarket components
  • Simple Installation, no cutting or drilling required
  • Includes the industry leading Injen Limited Lifetime Warranty

What's Included:

  • Injen SES Turbo Inlet Pipe

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
5NA Tiguan 2.0T I4 [MQB] +
8S TT 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8S TTS 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8V A3 1.8T I4 [MQB]
8V A3 2.0T I4 [MQB]
8V S3 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf 1.4T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf 1.8T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf Sportwagen 1.4T I4 [MQB]
MK7 Golf Sportwagen 1.8T I4 [MQB] +
MK7 GTI 2.0T I4 [MQB]
MK7 R 2.0T I4 [MQB]

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