DINAN Performance Exhaust E90 · E92 · E93 M3

E90 · E92 M3 4.0L V8 [S65]

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DINAN Performance Exhaust E90 · E92 · E93 M3



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What else would you expect from Dinan but the most technologically advanced exhaust on the market.  The problem with most performance type exhaust systems is they compromise both flow and sound quality to try and achieve a balance between the two.  Dinan’s Free Flow Exhaust employs leading edge technology to solve this problem with advanced features not found in most aftermarket high performance exhaust systems, including a Helmholtz chamber and single channel absorption increases flow while reducing unwanted noise and weight.

The Helmholtz chamber is a resonance cavity that reduces the drone that most high performance exhausts have at light throttle cruise.  In addition Dinan has a straight through single pipe design to further reduce noise at light throttle cruise so that it is a civilized exhaust that you can live with everyday.

The single channel dual exhaust is a full 10 lbs lighter than the stock BMW part.  The Dinan Free Flow Exhaust is a sporty sounding exhaust at wide open throttle when you want it but also quite and civilized when you are at light throttle cruise.  This is consistent with Dinan’s core philosophy of "Performance Without Sacrifice".  One of the reasons you purchased your BMW is because of its level of refinement.  You won’t ruin the refined characteristics of your BMW when you use Dinan performance products.  This level of development takes time and is the reason Dinan is usually not the first company on the market but you will find it is worth the wait.


  • Single channel design
  • Sportier Sound
  • 10lbs lighter than stock
  • 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Simple installation using BMW OEM clamps and hangers
  • Quad 3" laser engraved tips with Dinan logo
  • 6 HP & 5 lb-ft of torque
  • "Straight Through" canister design
  • Helmholtz chamber to remove drone

What's Included:

  • DINAN Performance Exhaust

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