DINAN High Capacity Oil Cooler 335i N54 3.0T I6

  • E90 · E92 335i 3.0T I6 [N54]

DINAN High Capacity Oil Cooler 335i N54 3.0T I6


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It's no secret among 335 owners that while the cars perform admirably, they tend to run a bit on the warm side.  This appears to be true even with the cars equipped with the factory oil cooler; and in case you weren't aware, not all 335s came with an oil cooler at all! For those who drive the cars in a spirited fashion on a regular basis, this issue is even more pronounced.  While this is certainly a concern in stock form, it becomes even more of an issue when you consider increasing boost pressure, which in addition to added power output also generates more heat.

The Dinan High Capacity Oil Cooler provides literally twice the volume of the stock unit, as well as 414 sq./in. of cooling tube vs. 112.5, and that's really just the beginning.  Nicely integrated inlet ducting provides greater airflow efficiencies and the ventilation of air to the fender well has also been improved with a larger outlet. The system mounts neatly in the stock location and includes lightweight PTFE hoses with polyester outer braid fitted with race-quality fittings.  For cars that were not equipped with the factory oil cooler, kits are available that include all of the additional parts necessary for the installation.

The results of the oil cooler upgrade are quite significant, with the temperature gauge holding steady even under high load/high boost scenarios.  And for those of you who track their cars, even occasionally, the Dinan oil cooler is a must.


  • Total Volume Dinan: 19 oz
  • Lowers overall operating temperature significantly
  • Reaplces stock cooler (if present)
  • More than double the volume vs stock
  • 414 sq./in. cooling tube vs. 112.5 stock

What's Included:

  • DINAN High Capacity Oil Cooler

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