CTS Turbo Billet Oil Filter Cap - BMW 2.0L/3.0L N20/N26/N52/N54/N55/S55

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Product Questions & Answers

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CTS Turbo is proud to release our B-Cool Billet BMW 2.0L / 3.0L Oil Filter Housing.  The OE plastic filter housing is quite fragile and is know to become brittle and crack over time.  Each CTS Turbo B-Cool Billet Oil Filter Housing is constructed in house from T6061 Aluminum.  Not only does the B-Cool filter look good, but it works great.  We have engineered cooling fins into our design to act as a heatsink, which dissipates heat from the engine oil.  Installation is very straight forward and only requires basic hand tools.

The CTS B-Cool Billet BMW Oil Filter Housing fits BMW Vehicles with the N20/N26 2.0L and N52/N54/N55/S55 3.0L engines.


  • Made in Canada from billet T6061 Aluminum
  •   Hard anodized black for stealth and longevity
  •   Uses OEM O-ring
  •   OE-style threads are precision made to fit just like factory part. Other manufacturers do NOT make this thread.
  •   Installation of CTS-HW-0271 requires removal of center cage from OE housing cap, which snaps into the CTS billet housing
  •   Compatible with OEM Filter

What's Included:

  • CTS Turbo Billet Oil Filter Cap

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
E60 525i 2.5L I6 N52 +
E60 528i 3.0L I6 N52 +
E60 530i 3.0L I6 N52 +
E60 535i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
E61 525i 2.5L I6 [N52]
E61 528i 3.0L I6 [N52]
E61 530i 3.0L I6 [N52]
E61 530xi 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E61 535i 3.0T I6 [N54]
E70 xDrive35i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
E71 35i 3.0T I6 [N55]
E82 - E88 128i 3.0L I6 [N52]
E82 - E88 135i 3.0T I6 [N54]
E82 - E88 135i 3.0T I6 [N55]
E82 - E88 1M 3.0T I6 [N54]
E83 X3 xDrive25i 2.5L I6 [N52]
E83 X3 xDrive30i 3.0L I6 [N52]
E85 - E86 3.0i 3.0L i6 [N52]
E85 - E86 3.0iS 3.0L i6 [N52]
E89 28i 2.0T I4 [N20]
E89 30i 3.0L I6 [N52]
E89 35i 3.0T I6 [N54]
E89 35iS 3.0T I6 [N54]
E90 325i 2.5L I6 [N52] +
E90 325i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E90 328i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E90 330i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E90 335i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
E90 335i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
E91 328i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E91 335i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
E91 335i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
E92 325i 2.5L I6 [N52] +
E92 325i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E92 328i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E92 330i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E92 335i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
E92 335i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
E93 328i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
E93 335i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
E93 335i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F01 740i 3.0T I6 [N54] +
F01 740i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F06 640i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F10 520i 2.0T I4 [N20]
F10 528i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F10 535i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F11 528i 2.0T I4 [N20]
F11 528i 3.0L I6 [N52] +
F12 640i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F13 640i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F15 - F85 35i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F16 35i 3.0T V6 [N55]
F20-F21 M135i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F22 - F23 - F87 220i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F22 - F23 - F87 228i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F22 - F23 - F87 M2 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F22 - F23 - F87 M2 Competition 3.0T I6 [S55] +
F22 - F23 - F87 M235i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F22 228i 2.0T I4 [N26] +
F25 xDrive28i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F25 xDrive35i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F26 X4 xDrive28i 2.0T I4 [N20]
F26 X4 xDrive35i 3.0T I6 [N55]
F30 - F80 328i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F30 - F80 335i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F30 - F80 M3 3.0T I6 [S55] +
F30 320i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F30 328i 2.0T I4 [N26] +
F31 320i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F31 328i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F32 - F33 - F36 - F82 - F83 428i 2.0T I4 [N20] +
F32 - F33 - F36 - F82 - F83 435i 3.0T I6 [N55] +
F32 - F33 - F36 - F82 - F83 M4 3.0T I6 [S55] +
F32 428i 2.0T I4 [N26] +
F82 M4 3.0T I6 [S55] +
F87 M2 CS 3.0T I6 [S55] +
G20 320i 1.6T I4 [N20] +

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