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The S54 is arguably one of the greatest BMW motors of all time. Power delivery, balance, and sound are top notch. While it doesn’t compare in power potential to newer turbo powered inline 6 motors, many enthusiasts still love and crave the NA power delivery that BMW was and still is famous for. Despite not being the most powerful option, the S54 Swap has become increasingly popular in the BMW community for the E36 Chassis.

Even though the swap is an easy “fit”, the S54 swap does require quite a bit of work to get working an older BMW chassis. CSF has seen the struggle with the cooling system adaptations and now has a solution. Enter the CSF BMW S54 Swap Radiator and Oil Cooler for the E36 Chassis.

Any who has ever tracked an E46 M3 or even just driven one hard knows how quickly the oil temperatures can climb. For the E46 M3, CSF developed the Dual Pass Race Spec Oil Cooler (CSF #8032) with Rogue Engineering. This has been the go to solution for the E46 M3 community and will work on S54 Swaps when paired with this radiator. Why are there two oil coolers then you might ask? Because of the chassis differences, the CSF #8032 will not allow owners to retain air conditioning with their S54 Swap.

Enter the new CSF S54 Swap Race Spec Oil Cooler. This new oil cooler is shorter on the right hand side allowing owners to run the A/C lines in the OEM path. Even though the #8240 is slightly smaller than the #8032, you can expect similar performance levels as they both feature a dual pass design with 8 cooling rows and are the same turbulated heavy-duty bar/plate construction.


  • Unique Top/Bottom Dual-Pass Design for Maximum Surface Area and Flow
  • Fully TIG-Welded Extruded End Tank Design for Superior Reliability & Durability
  • Turbulated Heavy-Duty Bar/Plate Design for the Most Reliable & Durable Oil Cooler Available
  • 8 Rows of Maximum Cooling with a High Density Multi-Louvered Fin Pitch Design
  • Designed to Work with CSF’s S54 Swap All-Aluminum Radiator (CSF #7211)
  • Motorsport Silver Finish
  • Accepts Factory Oil-Line Connections
  • For S54 Swap Vehicles with Air Conditioning (A/C) (#8240)
  • For S54 Swap Vehicles without Air Conditioning (A/C) (#8032)

What's Included:

  • CSF S54 Swap Oil Cooler

Fitment Details:

  • S54 Oil Cooler Lines:
    CSF Recommends using the Europe Spec E36 M3 Oil Cooler Lines for S54 Swaps. The OEM S54 Oil Cooler Lines can be used but may require minor bending and adjustments to fit properly.

    E46 M3 Oil Cooler Lines (Pipe) – BMW PN: 17222283209
    E36 Euro Spec Oil Cooler Lines (Pipe) – BMW PN: 17212227235

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
E36 318i 1.8L I4 [M40] +
E36 318i 1.8L I4 [M43] +
E36 318is 1.8L I4 [M42]
E36 318is 1.9L I4 [M44]
E36 320i 2.5L I6 [M50]
E36 325i 2.5L I6 [M50] +
E36 325i 2.5L I6 [M52]
E36 325i 2.8L I6 [M52] +
E36 328i 2.8L I6 [M52]
E36 M3 3.0L I6 [S50]
E36 M3 3.2L I6 [S52]
E46 323i 2.5L I6 [M52]
E46 325i 2.5L I6 [M54]
E46 328i 2.8L I6 [M52]
E46 M3 4.0L V8 [P60]

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