BFI Complete Stage 2 Engine Mount Kit 8V RS3 · 8S TT RS

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BFI Complete Stage 2 Engine Mount Kit 8V RS3 · 8S TT RS


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SKU: BFIRSSTG2-FK-V1 We Price Match!

  • $839.99

Your 2.5l 5 cylinder turbo powered Audi is capable of amazing things.  This power plant is exceptional at making huge numbers, mated to a chassis that can put it to the ground efficiently.  One thing that is severely lacking from this package is a complement of engine mounts that are up to the task of handling that increased power without sacrificing and wasting that precious torque.

Our new engine and transmission mount package will dramatically improve how connected your engine feels to your RS vehicle, greatly improving acceleration as well as shifting.  In addition the car will feel more stable under braking and deceleration because there will be limited energy transfer.

It cannot be stated strongly enough that these overlooked parts will transform the way your car feels and performs, much more so than other common modifications such as an intake and cat-back exhaust system.


  • Billet Construction
  • Engine Mount + Transmission Mount + Torque Arm Insert
  • 85A Durometer Bushings
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Snappier Acceleration
  • Rated for High HP/TQ Applications

What's Included:

  • BFI Billet Stage 2 Transmission Mount
8S TT RS 2.5T I5 [MQB] AWD
8V RS3 2.5T I5 [MQB] AWD

ATTENTION MK7.5 · B8.5 · C7.5 · 8.5V OWNERS:

Although MOST parts DO FIT FACELIFT MODELS such as the MK7.5, C7.5 and B8.5, some components such as exhaust systems and headlights are NOT ALWAYS perfectly upward compatible and vice versa due to minor changes in body design such as fenders, bumper and valences.

Please contact us via chat, phone or eMail if you are uncertain about product fitment on your facelift model.

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