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The ultimate detailing brush for all interior cleaning tasks, the Auto Finesse Interior Detail Brush is ideal for everything from dry dusting to the agitation of a whole host of interior detailing products.

Whether it’s regular routine maintenance or periodic deep-cleaning, the Interior Detail Brush is a professional kit bag essential, constructed to stand up to the rigors of day-to-day industry use. This premium interior brush features a hardwearing, contoured wooden handle and robust, resin-set bristles for increased durability and comfort during the most intensive interior cleaning processes.

The natural, short cut hog hair bristles offer the most effective cleaning medium for maximum contact but remain kind to sensitive surfaces such as plastics, leather and fabrics. These medium-soft, non-scratch bristles are ideal for safely agitating interior cleaning agents to make the most of their chemical cleaning ability, but without the risk of physically abrading any easily-damaged materials. Agitation in this instance isn’t a mechanical cleaning process - at no point is this brush physically scrubbing away grime. Instead, the Interior Detail Brush is used to maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning agents by ensuring they reach every nook and recess. It also ensures that any spent solution (cleaning agent that is already encapsulating the maximum amount of grime) is moved away and replaced with fresh solution.

Utilizing our Interior Detail Brush for all your cleaning processes simply ensures that grime is gently drawn out of every surface, allowing your cleaners to break down and encapsulate any potentially harmful particles, allowing them to be wiped away safely. In this way you will always keep fabrics, leather, plastics and trim looking better for longer.

The Interior Detail Brush is the ideal accessory for safe, regular use with gentle interior cleaning agents such as Total Interior Cleaner, Hide Leather Cleaner, Spritz Interior Quick Detailer and Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant. This product is also perfect to aid in the occasional deep-cleaning of fabrics, carpets and mats using a suitable dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner. 


  • Features a hardwearing, contoured wooden handle
  • Medium-soft, non-scratch bristles 
  • Safe for use on fabrics, leather, plastics and trim

What's Included:

  • Interior Detail Brush

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