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Auto Finesse® Illusion show car wax has been specifically developed to meet the needs of those looking to attain the deepest possible shine. Made with 48% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, synthetic polymers, and gloss-intensifying oils to deliver the deepest, wettest shine ever.  Illusion wax isn't designed to offer the most durability but can provide 2-3 months of staying power to keep your show car protected through periods of time that its resting up or in storage.

All Auto Finesse® waxes are carefully blended by hand in Great Britain and treat your vehicle with nature’s own defense against the elements, giving it water repellency, and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.).

Whether your car or motorcycle has a modern clearcoat, or a classic single-stage paint system, Auto Finesse® waxes will give it the protection it needs to survive the realities of everyday life.


Before applying any wax, make sure the vehicle is clean. Use a clay bar to ensure there is no bonded contamination on the surface. If paintwork hasn’t been polished in the last 6-12 months it’s wise to prep the surface with a pre-wax cleanser, or even a multi stage machine polish to attain the best possible results.

Use a foam applicator (Waxmate) at half a turn in the wax pot – this coats it ready for waxing. Apply using small, even and overlapping strokes. Wax goes a long way so use sparingly. One you’ve completed one panel, move to the next panel, then when that is complete buff off the previous.

If wax has dried, or ‘secondary hazing’ of the wax occurs (A phenomenon which can sometimes happen in hot or humid climates, especially if the product was over-applied.), you can use a water-based quick detailer (Finale) to help ease removal of the residue.

It’s important to wait at least 3 hours in between coats or layers of wax and don't wax it if the ambient temperature is below 6 degrees Celsius or above 25 (That's 77 Fahrenheit. I got you, fam. -Z) . It's also important not to wax in direct sunlight, due to possible curing issues.


  • Illusion by Auto Finesse® creates the illusion of a dripping wet finish to paintwork. Auto Finesse waxes will give it the protection it needs to survive the realities of everyday life.
  • 150g (5.3oz)


What's Included:

  • Illusion Show Car Wax

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