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Using Caramics Ceramic Coating infused Glass Cleaner is the quick and easy way to clean, protect and prolong the life and performance of your ceramic glass coatings.

This ultra-concentrated, fast-flashing formula has been specifically developed to cut through greasy films, water spots, drying marks and fingerprints effortlessly to reveal a streak and smear-free finish in an instant. Our unique blend of mild distilled solvents powers through grime effectively dissolving and lifting both particulates and sticky residues, trapping them in the solution and allowing them to be quickly and safely removed without scratching even the most sensitive vehicle windows and mirrors.

On a microscopic level, glass isn't actually smooth - the surface is serrated - and it's here that dirt and even water molecules can take hold. Caramics Glass Cleaner is designed to chemically dissolve this grime before evaporating to a crystal-clear finish. This liquid cleaner quickly and efficiently works its way into all the surface nooks, breaking the bonds of any contaminant leaving it free it to be wiped away.

With Caramics Glass Cleaner the result is not only amazing clarity that offers increased vision and ultimately a significant increase safety in any weather condition. But, because it’s infused with our special Caramics ceramic coating, this product is designed to leave behind a durable Si02 layer to offer the ultimate in advanced hydrophobic protection, too. The ceramic infusion instantly bonds with your glass to offer extreme water beading and actively repels dirt with nothing more than a light spritz and a wipe, purging the surface of grime while both installing and boosting ceramic protection, with no major changes to your regular finishing routine.

Si02-based ceramic coatings utilize silicon dioxide for its long-lasting and extreme protective qualities, this is commonly known as silica or quartz, and makes up the main ingredient in glass itself. This natural compound chemically bonds on a molecular level to become an integral part of the top layer of vehicle surfaces, offering a tough, tight-knit barrier of Si02 molecules that’s impermeable to moisture, particulate grime and sticky contamination. By creating a perfectly smooth surface that contamination cannot penetrate, bond or cling on to, water and grime will slide off easily, aiding maintenance with the ultimate in easy-clean properties. The chemically bonded Si02 layer is also extremely difficult to remove during day-to-day driving, offering the most extreme durability and long-lasting performance.

Developed to perfectly complement our Caramics Glass Protection Kit, Caramics Glass Cleaner not only actively boosts any previously-applied Si02 coating for more extreme durability, added protection and even more extreme water behavior, but is powerful enough to install a ceramic coating as a stand-alone detailing and valeting product. What’s more, our advanced, solvent-based cleaning formula may be supremely tough on dirt and sticky contaminants, but it’s mild enough to be used effectively on all types of vehicle glass, along with window tinting films and polycarbonate, Perspex or Lexan motorsport windows.

With this concentrated solution a little always goes a long way and, for the very best results, we recommend using Caramics Glass Cleaner with a dedicated glass cloth such as our Superior Waffle or Glass Waffle, depending on the level of contamination. For more tips on getting the ultimate, streak-free protected finish for your glass, check out our guide – Glass How To Clean Protect and Get a Sparkling, Smear-free Finish.


  • Specifically developed to cut through greasy films, water spots, drying marks and fingerprints
  • Provides a streak and smear-free finish
  • Designed to chemically dissolve grime
  • 500mL or 1L

What's Included:

  • Caramics Ceramic Glass Cleaner

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