APR Racing Downpipe 2.5 TFSI EVO


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The APR Race DP and Midpipes are the ultimate exhaust upgrade for the Auti 2.5 TFSI EVO!  This system is sold in multiple configurations and is completely compatible with every component in the factory exhaust system, allowing you to customize the exhaust to your desire.  We upgrade various components, which allow for better turbocharger response and power delivery, while delivering an enhanced 5 cylinder symphony you’ll love!  Expect only the best components and highest quality and manufacturing techniques, and to fully enjoy the full system, get the APR Stage 2 ECU Upgrade at no charge over APR Stage 1/1+ with the included free upgrade code!

The APR Race DP features a port-matched outlet connected to a smooth, 4” continuous-radius cast-bend, with an ultra-smooth cast-Y that splits the system into a dual 2.5” exhaust path.  In contrary, the factory DP has a sharp transition exiting the turbo, which dumps directly into a massive and hot catalyst that keeps your engine bay toasty.  From there the system splits into kinked piping, with less than ~2” of diameter on one side and ~2.3” on the other.  The factory system wasn’t designed with ultimate performance in mind like our system.

The APR Race Midpipes are both 2.5” and are designed as a simple plug and play upgrade.  We use T304 stainless steel piping that’s brushed, mandrel bent, and TIG welded to the included CNC machined ultra-flat OEM-style 3-bolt-flanges.  The system includes new gaskets, bolts and copper plated nuts.


  • 4” continuous-radius cast-bend Downpipe
  • Dual 2.5” exhaust path
  • Fully sealed OEM-style flex sections
  • CNC machined v-band and OEM-style 3-bolt-flanges
  • Proprietary 300-cell GESI high-flow catalyst (Midpipe)
  • FREE APR Stage 1 to Stage 2 ECU Upgrade Code included

What's Included:

  • APR Racing Downpipe
  • APR Racing Midpipes (OPTIONAL)
8S TT RS 2.5T I5 [MQB] AWD
8V RS3 2.5T I5 [MQB] AWD

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