APR Carbon Fiber Intake System C8 S6 · S7 2.9T V6

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This is the ultimate intake upgrade for the Audi S6 and S7 (C8).  It flows 33.5% more than stock, reduces pressure drop, and improves linearization across the turbos.  This directly translates to +23 AWHP and +21 AWFT-LBS of torque making this a simple upgrade for more power you can feel.  Our system is a full upgrade as it replaces all of the intake components from the inlet scoop all the way to the turbo inlets.  This is extremely important as focusing on the airbox alone does not address the main restrictions found in the factory intake system.  Simply put, our system flows better than stock, makes more power, puts less strain on the turbochargers, looks sexy under the hood with the gorgeous carbon fiber design, and enhances the sound of the engine.

The factory turbocharger inlet pipe is a big restriction point because it‚¬„¢s small.  It‚¬„¢s common for most intake systems to only focus on the filter and airbox, but doing so only has minimal impact on performance.  Furthermore, upgrading the turbocharger inlet pipe only has minimal impact on performance if it still necks down to with the factory or aftermarket intake airbox.  We solve this by making our pipe as large as possible from the 4‚¬� filter outlet all the way to the turbocharger inlets in one piece! This minimizes pressure drop and increases flow through the system far better than a multi-piece solutions.

The airbox on this platform is tiny and leaves nearly no room to upgrade the filter.  Our system works as a heat shield but is open on the bottom and side to allow for a larger filter and maximum airflow.  This keeps air temps down, and increases sound without it being overbearing.  The filter is massive as well.  A big filter is desirable as increasing filtered surface area keeps the filter breathing easily for many miles as it filters dirt, dust, and particles.  It measures 7‚¬� by 7‚¬� with a 5.5‚¬� frontal inlet, and a 4‚¬� outlet.  The filter media is a washable pleated cotton gauze that can be cleaned for extended life, or replaced with ease.

Our kit includes everything you need to bolt on and go.  No new tuning is needed, and the product is emissions friendly.  We include all new OEM gaskets and all the nuts, bolts, and clamps needed for an easy install.  Lastly, thanks to our billet turbo inlet adapters, this is the only intake you‚¬„¢ll ever need.  Should you later upgrade your turbo, new, larger adapters can be installed to adapt to the larger inlets simply by swapping out the billet adapters!


  • Full intake system: Inlet, airbox, filter, and inlet piping
  • +23 AWHP & +21 AWFT-LBS measured over stock
  • Flows 33.5% more than stock
  • Reduced pressure drop at the turbo inlets
  • Improved linearization across the turbos
  • Enhanced engine sound
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Turbos spool faster
  • Turbos operate more efficiently
  • Massive 7‚¬� x 7‚¬� filter with a 4‚¬� outlet and 5.5‚¬� frontal inlet
  • High flow and washable pleated cotton gauze filter material
  • Airbox open away from engine to maximized flow and filter size in a restricted space
  • Inlet piping diameter is maximize from the 4‚¬� filter all the way to the turbochargers
  • Inlet piping addresses system restriction, unlike competitive airbox systems that are compatible with factory inlet piping
  • Billet turbo adapter rings make fitting this system to larger turbos possible
  • New OEM gaskets included
  • Emissions friendly

What's Included:

  • APR Carbon Fiber Intake System

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
C8 S6 2.9T V6
C8 S7 2.9T V6

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