034 Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 3.0 TFSI

  • 8R SQ5 3.0L SC V6
  • B8 S4 3.0L SC V6
  • B8 S5 3.0L SC V6
  • C6 A6 3.0L SC V6
  • C7 A6 3.0L SC V6
  • C7 A7 3.0L SC V6
  • D4 A8 3.0L SC V6

034 Supercharger Pulley Upgrade 3.0 TFSI

BRAND: 034

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At 57.70mm in diameter, the 034Motorsport 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley is significantly smaller than the factory unit in order to increase the drive ratio of the supercharger.  Spinning the supercharger faster yields increased boost pressure throughout the RPM range, resulting in increased horsepower and torque throughout the powerband when paired with Stage 2 Performance Software.

034Motorsport's Supercharger Pulley Upgrade is meant for use with Stage 2 Performance Software, and is engineered to keep the Eaton TVS 1320 Supercharger within its maximum recommended supercharger speed with a 7,200 RPM redline.