034 Motorsport Dynamic+ Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit B8 · 8R · C7 · D4

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Replace your flimsy, imprecise OEM sway bar end links with 034Motorsport performance engineered Dynamic+ Adjustable End Links! 034Motorsport's Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit allows for uncompromised transfer of suspension energy and movement to the sway bar.  With its adjustable length design, the 034Motorsport Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit allows you to maintain proper preload on the sway bar when lowering your car.  The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit uses high-misalignment ball joints, ensuring that the end links do not bind as the suspension articulates.  The threaded shaft diameter has also been maximized for increased strength.  In addition, adjustable sway bar end links allow you to adjust preload on the sway bar, as well as alleviate potential sway bar clearance issues caused by lowering your car.

When a sway bar is preloaded, it means that it is already twisted when the car is at rest, and it‚¬„¢s trying to roll the car to one side because of this.  This will lead to asymmetric behavior and the car will favor tuning one way versus the other.

Preload is detectable when the car is at ride-height on a flat surface, and removal of an end link is difficult because the sway bar is already twisted and applying force on the bolt, or installing the end link is difficult because the bar needs to be twisted to insert the bolt through the hole in the sway bar.  With equal-length non-adjustable sway bar end links, removing preload is not possible.  By utilizing our 034Motorsport adjustable end links, the lengths of each end link can be adjusted so that the end link can be easily installed at ride-height without needing to twist the bar to get it to fit.  Zero preload provides symmetrical handling in right and left turns.


  • Performance Adjustable Sway Bar End Links Utilizing Heavy Duty Ball Joints and Density Line Bushings
  • Offset Spacer Keeps End Link Vertical When Changing Stiffness Setting of Sway Bar
  • Zinc Plated Steel for Corrosion Resistance
  • Fully Vulcanized Rubber for Strength and Durability
  • Maximized Diameter of Threads for Increased Strength
  • OEM+ Quality with Adjustability
  • Will Not Break Like the OE Plastic End Links
  • Quieter with Less Maintenance than Spherical Motorsport End Links
  • +/- 5mm of Adjustability (10mm Total Adjustment Range) Per End Link
  • Direct Drop-In Replacement for Factory End Links
  • Sold In Pairs

What's Included:

  • 1x Pair 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Rear End Links

Vehicle Fitment

Model   + Drivetrain  
8R Q5 2.0T I4 +
8R Q5 3.0L SC V6
8R SQ5 3.0L SC V6
B8 A4 2.0T I4 +
B8 A4 3.2L V6 +
B8 A5 2.0T I4 +
B8 A5 3.2L V6 +
B8 RS5 4.2L V8
B8 S4 3.0L SC V6
B8 S5 3.0L SC V6
B8 S5 4.2L V8
C7 A6 2.0T I4 +
C7 A6 3.0L SC V6 +
C7 A7 3.0L SC V6
C7 RS7 4.0T V8
C7 S6 4.0T V8
C7 S7 4.0T V8
D4 A8 3.0L SC V6
D4 A8 4.0T V8
D4 A8 4.2L V8
D4 S8 4.0T V8

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