034 Adjustable Upper Control Arms B8 · 8R · C7

  • 8R Q5 2.0T I4
  • 8R SQ5 3.0L SC V6
  • B8 A4 2.0T I4
  • B8 A4 3.2L V6
  • B8 A5 2.0T I4
  • B8 A5 3.2L V6
  • B8 RS5 4.2L V8
  • B8 S4 3.0L SC V6
  • B8 S5 3.0L SC V6
  • B8 S5 4.2L V8
  • C7 A6 2.0T I4
  • C7 A6 3.0L SC V6
  • C7 A7 3.0L SC V6
  • C7 S6 4.0T V8
  • C7 S7 4.0T V8

034 Adjustable Upper Control Arms B8 · 8R · C7

BRAND: 034

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Fully adjustable upper control arms for the B8 Platform are available in both Camber Correcting and Track Spec varieties.

Perfect for those who have lowered their car from OEM ride height and are looking to correct camber to factory specs and reduce excessive inside tire wear.


  • CNC Machined Billet 6061 Construction, Black Anodized Finish
  • 034Motorsport Density Inner Bushings
  • Aurora Spherical Bearings Featuring Teflon Race Lining
  • Built in Safety Washer to eliminate any chance of the spherical ever separating
  • Arm sets ship set to factory OEM length
  • Over 5/8" of outward adjustability from stock length
  • No tightening creep like you get with a turn buckle
  • Easy adjustment by threading out an M6 head allen bolt
  • Dust boots now included with all adjustable upper control arms
  • 4x 034 Adjustable Upper Control Arms (Kit)
  • 034-401-1008
  • 034-401-1009