034 Adjustable Rear Sway Bar FWD

  • 1B Jetta 1.8T I4 [GEN 3] FWD
  • 1B Jetta 2.0L TDI I4 FWD
  • 1B Jetta 2.5L I5 FWD
  • 1B Jetta · GLI 2.0T I4 FWD
  • 1B Jetta · GLI 2.0T I4 [GEN 3] FWD
  • 1F EOS 2.0T I4 FWD
  • 1F EOS 3.2L VR6 FWD
  • 1K Jetta 2.5L I5 FWD
  • 1K Jetta · GLI 2.0T I4 FWD
  • 8J TT 2.0T I4 FWD
  • 8P A3 2.0T I4 FWD
  • B6 CC 2.0T I4 FWD
  • MK5 GTI 2.0T I4 FWD
  • MK5 Rabbit 2.5L I5 FWD
  • MK6 Golf 2.5L I5 FWD
  • MK6 GTI 2.0T I4 FWD

034 Adjustable Rear Sway Bar FWD

BRAND: 034

P/N: 034-402-1003 We Price Match!

  • $250.00

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034Motorsport is proud to offer the ultimate rear sway bar upgrade for front-wheel drive Volkswagens and Audis!  The 034Motorsport Adjustable Solid Rear Sway Bar is made from high-quality spring steel for maximum rigidity, and is designed to combat understeer while reducing body roll under hard cornering.

In addition, this 034Motorsport Rear Sway Bar is engineered to be used effectively with the stock front sway bar.  No upgrade in the front is needed or required.  The addition of a stiffer front bar introduces even more push, requiring an even bigger bar in the back.  With the stock front sway bar and upgraded 034Motorsport Solid Rear Sway Bar, body roll is virtually eliminated while turn in and off throttle oversteer are greatly improved.


  • 215% - 290% Increased Sway Bar Rate
  • 25.4mm Diameter
  • Solid Spring Steel Construction
  • 2-Way Adjustable
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with the stock front sway bar
  • 034 Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
  • Graphite-Impregnated Urethane Bushings
  • High-Strength Billet Aluminum Sway Bar Brackets with Zerk Provisions
  • Installation Hardware & Grease
  • 034-402-1003

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