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Although MOST parts DO FIT FACELIFT MODELS such as the MK7.5, C7.5 and B8.5, some components such as exhaust systems and headlights are NOT ALWAYS perfectly upward compatible and vice versa due to minor changes in body design such as fenders, bumper and valences.

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torqbyte PM4 Fuel Pump Controller VW · Audi



BRAND: torqbyte

P/N: PM4 Kit – MQB AWD We Price Match!

  • $649.00

Torqbyte PM4 is an advanced low-pressure fuel pump (LPFP) driver module designed as a complete Plug-n-Play replacement for the factory VAG fuel pump PWM control module in order to overcome the challenges of increased fueling in VAG returnless direct injection fuel systems where the ECU and the factory fuel pump pulse width modulator (PWM) control module perform closed loop control of the fuel system line pressure.

In the factory configuration, factory fuel pump control module is only capable of supplying enough current to drive the factory in-tank low pressure fuel pump the vehicle was originally equipped with.  High capacity aftermarket in-tank fuel pumps generally draw more current than the factory control module was designed to supply.

Using high capacity fuel pumps often overloads the factory LPFP controller and causes it to overheat or overcurrent.  This overloading and overheating results in intermittent pump operation, which causes a drop in fuel flow and line pressure as well as dangerous fuel cuts.  Many ECU tuning packages attempt to work around this problem by artificially limiting the maximum pump duty in an attempt to keep the pump current just below the factory controller’s shutdown threshold.  This approach leaves a significant percentage of the aftermarket pump’s capacity unused thus defeating the whole purpose behind running a high capacity aftermarket fuel pump.  Torqbyte PM4 provides the best and most effective solution to this problem.


  • Complete Plug-n-Play factory Fuel Pump Control Module replacement
  • Interfaces directly with the ECU and eliminates trouble codes
  • Fully programmable/configurable pump duty slope control
  • TorqVFM software with many functions
  • Complete closed-loop control of the requested fuel system pressure
  • Supports Big Turbo Setups by removing fueling bottleneck
  • Can drive two LPFPs in parallel
  • Works with any LPFP set-up that draws less than 36A
  • Works with any ECU tuning package, or even without any ECU tuning
  • Compatible with voltage boosting modules
  • Integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's factory electrical systems
  • Supplied with vehicle-specific Plug-n-Play Harness Adapters
  • Reliable, easy to install and operate
  • Overdesigned using the highest-quality Materials
  • Made and tested in Canada

What's Included:

  • torqbyte PM4 Fuel Pump Controller
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