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Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler FSI · TSI


BRAND: Integrated Engineering

P/N: IETPCB1 We Price Match!
Integrated Engineering

  • $899.99

The Integrated Engineering FDS intercooler system was built from the ground up to offer the ultimate in performance for your GTI, Golf R, or 2.0T Audi/VW.  When increasing the power output of your engine it is extremely important to ensure it has the proper cooling to match.  It packs a very large intercooler core into the space available, a full 54% larger than the OEM core.  This large core delivers cool air to the engine under all circumstances, increasing power and torque and simultaneously reducing heat soak.

The IE FDS intercooler has proven to distribute charge air uniformly across the inlet end of the core.  In contrast to other intercoolers on the market which rely on natural airflow across the core, our FDS technology uses precisely shaped and placed fins cast into the intake plenum to fully take advantage of the large core volume effectively using the entire core.  As a result, the IE FDS intercooler has been proven to reduce intake air temperatures more so than other units available, thus offering the largest power gains possible.

The IE FDS intercooler offers perfect OEM replacement and requires no modifications to install.

FDS Technology


  • 54% larger than the OEM Core
  • Eliminates Heat Soak and increases HP/TQ outuput
  • IE FDS Cooling Technology
  • Hose included which kit fits most applications
  • High Quality Construction + Tig Welded

What's Included:

  • Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler

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