BMP's Next Top Model! - Round 1

Greetings BMPers! If you follow my Instagram account, you've seen posts in my stories where I am looking for cars to represent each model landing page. So what exactly does this mean? Well, hopefully this will help explain what we are doing here. I am calling this "BMP's Next Top Model".

Each model has a landing page for the parts available for that model/engine. So when you fill out your vehicle selector on our front page, this will take you to a landing page. So when you hit submit, it will take you to a page that looks something like this:

We are using BMP employee cars for the models we have, but I am looking for vehicles to represent each model we don't have. So I will be posting stories on my Instagram looking for specific models. I am trying to do it in groups to avoid total chaos. Obviously there are tons of different model/engine combinations that could lead to having issues getting submissions for specific combinations. So some of these will be simplified. For example, the MK6 Golf platform, we will have one to represent the GTI, one to represent the Golf R, and another one to represent all of the other Golfs (2.5L, TDI, etc.) So the one chosen to represent the Golfs will be on multiple landing pages for the different engines.

What's the process?

If you are interested, you can follow my Instagram and look for the stories. You can submit your photos to me via DM on Instagram. Please only submit the models I am currently looking for. It makes it easier for me to sort through. I am taking the submissions after we get several of each model and submitting them to the team here at BMP Tuning for a vote. Once we agree on who we are picking, I am reaching out to get a high resolution photo emailed to me for the website.

So why should you care?

It's a way for us to showcase some of our customers' rides. Your car will be featured on a landing page on our website, and I will feature the winners in blog posts and link to your Instagram. In addition to this, we will ship winners a free t-shirt and swag pack as appreciation for being a part of our site.

What cars are you currently looking for?

Right now I am looking for these cars:

  • MK4 Golf/Rabbit
  • MK4 GTI
  • MK5 Rabbit
  • MK5 GTI
  • MK5 R32
  • MK6 Golf 2.5L/TDI
  • MK7 Golf 1.4/1.8/TDI
  • MK7 Golf Sportwagen
Here are some of the winners of this competition so far.
MK6 Golf R
Owner: Brant Warren
Instagram: barnetw MK6 GTI
Owner: Justin Weaver
Instagram: _low_ambitions_ MK7 Golf R
Owner: Alex Schwartz
Instagram: aschwartzzzz

Thanks again for all the submissions. If you've sent some in already, we are reviewing them and will contact the winners. If you have any questions, hit me in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram.



Instagram: jewel.rnr






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