A BMP Tuning Adventure: Dubs by the Bridge 2018 - Dallas Texas

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About Dubs by the Bridge

Every year there are a few local shows in DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth) that we are very excited to attend and "Dubs by the Bridge" is certainly high on that list! Located next to the Trinity River bridge in Trinity Groves, "Dubs by the Bridge" delivers delicious food, amazing people, and jaw dropping Air & Water cooled Volkswagen and Audis to look at while walking through the Texas heat.

We have made it a point to attend this show (and their other event, "Dub Splash") yearly - The awesome areas they pick to host the events, good people, and super cool trophies, just keep bringing us back!

Last year's "Dubs by the Bridge" BMP Tuning (CLICK), Blair Automotive (CLICK), and Classy House Productions (CLICK) had 3 vehicles place out of 5 in the water cooled category:

Lunch at Trompo Taco

But I digress, this year's event was just as awesome (and hot) as previous years, but never nearly as hot as their summer event Dub Splash in which you need to bring buckets of water to survive.

We arrived around 2pm and chatted a bit before thirst and hunger took over, Eddie was focused on Trompo (CLICK), absolute HAD to HAVE scenario (for good reason) so the team embarked on our "1 block" journey (that was actually around 1 mile each way) over to Trompo to catch a bite to eat and talk cars, life, and how damn hot it was.



After finally getting back we decided to relax until awards were given.

It is always great seeing the award ceremony as our culture and the air cooled culture RARELY interact with each other so its a good time for both sides to appreciate the quality on each side of the modding spectrum.

Dubs by The Bridge


10 trophies total are given - 5 for air cooled and 5 for water cooled! Out of those, we received one for the RS3 (beat out my Rocket Bunny GTI!) and 4 out of the 5 were Ross' customers at Classy House Productions which made him super proud!
(probably the coolest reward he could have received)

All in all we had a great time - food, friends, cars, trophies, and booze.
What more could you want?


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